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VIZIO Internet Apps®
TV video camera

Get a Little Closer in a Big Way

Make FREE* Skype to Skype video and voice calls from the comfort of your couch with the VIZIO Internet Apps® TV Video Camera.
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VIZIO Internet Apps® TV

VIZIO Internet Apps®
TV Video Camera

Video calls using Skype app


To get started:

1) Plug the VIZIO Internet Apps® TV Camera into your VIZIO Internet Apps TV
2) Place the camera on top of your TV
3) Launch Skype and make a call

*High-speed internet connection required

Devices You Can Make
Skype to Skype Calls With

VIZIO TV with VIZIO Internet Apps®
TV Video Camera

Skype for computers

Skype for mobile phones

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The world is just a call away.

You can make video calls from your VIZIO Internet Apps® TV with any Skype user on a wide range of devices.

VIZIO Internet Apps
TV video camera

* Skype is a trade mark of Skype or its related companies. Copyright 2003-2011, Skype, patents pending. For Skype to Skype calls, all call participants must have a Skype account and be logged into Skype. High-speed internet connectivity required and sold separately. Network conditions, environmental and other factors may negatively affect connectivity and the resulting video quality, if any.

† Compatible with most VIZIO HDTVs featuring VIZIO Internet Apps®. For the latest list of VIZIO HDTVs that are compatible with this VIZIO Internet Apps TV video camera, please see

‡ Video up to 1280 x 720 pixels is achievable when the following system requirements are met by all participants: (1) HD capable, compatible VIZIO Internet Apps HDTV, a PC or other device running Skype along with an HD webcam or HD camera; and (2) a high speed internet connection with minimum, sustained upload and download speeds of 1.5 MBPS. Video quality may be affected by the equipment and many factors including environmental. Where HD capable system requirements are not met by all participants but still sufficient for video transmission, video quality will resolve in standard definition. Not all VIZIO Internet Apps HDTVs support HD quality video using Skype.