Digital Advisor
March 5, 2010
By Michael Patrick Brady

Update 2/12/10: All three models are now available through Amazon and a number of other online retailers. Vizio took an interesting approach to rolling these models out. The first run of models was offered exclusively to "VIA VIP members" who filled out an online application to get their place in line for these models -- read the full story from Gary (a lucky recipient of one of the first models) in the comments section below.

A couple of weeks ago, we previewed the Vizio XVT <> line of LCD televisions. The XVT line consists of televisions with high-end features meant to lure consumers to Vizio's larger-sized televisions. In that preview, we didn't touch on three very important XVT televisions, ones that deserve their own showcase. The Vizio SV422XVT, SV472XVT and VF552XVT LCD televisions are being called 'connected' HDTVs because of their ability to link up with your home Internet connection and serve up streaming video content directly from the Web. Similar to efforts being undertaken by Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and LG, these connected HDTVs allow viewers to access streaming content from a variety of impressive partners. Vizio is hoping to stand out from the crowd, however, but introducing some very forward-thinking innovations in their connected sets.

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