By David Birch-Jones
December 8, 2009

With the arrival of their VF551XVT, Vizio joins the ranks of LCD flat panel makers offering LED backlighting with local dimming


A little over six years or so ago, I transitioned from a career in audio and video product development and marketing to become a technology writer and reviewer. Back then, if someone had said that in a half dozen years or so an upstart TV company founded around that time would be leading the LCD flat panel sales charts this year, I would have probably asked two questions. The first would have been “What kind of drugs are you smoking?” The follow-up would have been “Can I have some?”

Clearly, Vizio has accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time, firmly establishing themselves as the value brand leader in the hotly competitive HDTV LCD flat panel business. The recent debut of their first local dimming LED backlit LCD flat panel puts them in the company of long established TV makers, and the set delivers surprising performance along with perhaps the industry’s best value in a premium-tier model.

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